Study Kung Fu in China with us

REN SHI GONG FU is a family kung fu school located in Shandong, China, emphasizing individiualized one on one training. We welcome everyone of any age to come here and study traditional Shaolin kung fu, Sanda and Taiji. No previous experince is required!

We train students in traditional Shaolin styles, Sanda (Sanshou), Taiji Meihua Praying Mantis, Chen Taiji, Yang Taiji, Ren Fist (the family form), and modern Wushu. The family has three masters, all knowledgeable in different forms and styles.

Tuition at the school is conducted individually. The master is teaching up to a maximum of four students. Being a small school, Ren Shi Gong Fu has a family-like vibe, which on a daily basis translates into flexibility regarding schedule and teaching program. Furthermore, the teachers are glad to assist you with anything else that you might need help with.

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