Master Ren Qiang is the 19th generation of the Ren Family. He was born in November 1972 in Zhang Gezhuang Village, Sunshou Town, Laixi City, Qingdao.

When he was young, together with his brother Ren He and cousin Ren Ri Qin he studied the Ren Family Xiaofanche, Five Palm and Two-section-staff (similar to nunchuks) from his grandfather Ren Gao Chuan. In 1987 he began practising Sanda.

In 1991 he made a pilgrimage to Henan Shaolin, home of the famous Shaolin Temple, and for 2 years studied Shaolin kung fu from teachers such as Liang Bao Wei, Zheng Shu Min, Wang Chang Qing. After graduation from ShaoLin, he went to Jinan and studied Sanda from Zheng Guang Sheng and Zai Shou Tao.

His teaching career began in 1993, when he started teaching kung fu in the Athletic school of Laixi. In 1995 he opened his own kung fu school. Ren Qiang is a well-respected teacher with 15 years of experience. He is also a national level Sanda (Chinese Boxing) coach. (He and his brother have trained two provincial Sanda champions in Henan and Shandong province.)

He speaks English and serves as the manager and the Teacher of Ren Shi Gong Fu. Master Ren Qiang is really passionate about teaching kung fu and loves teaching it from its core, helping students acquire a very solid foundation for further practice. Through years of practice and teaching experience he learnt that one of the most important factors of the students' progression rate is that they enjoy the practice, as this determines whether they will maintain it. One of the common mistakes at kungfu schools is that in the beginning people start training too hard but eventually their practice comes to a halt. This is because in the long run it's very difficult to sustain a very strenuous training routine and, even worse, it can gradually undermine the overall desire to learn kung fu. Being passionate about teaching kung fu, Master Ren Qiang is eager to help people learn kung fu at their optimum speed. And since people are very different in how they learn and what they like, he tries to find the best teaching approach for every individual.