Ren Shi kung fu is a combination of self-defense (fighting), getting in shape (health) and mind cultivation (philosophy). It was created by Ren Zhao-hua, the 13th generation, and has been passed on from generation to generation of Ren family masters. It's based on Shaolin boxing and Mantis boxing and embodies the characteristics of 'inside and outside into one' and 'having both shape and spirit'. The masters of the Ren Shi Gong Fu school train with the philosophy that Martial Arts are for the betterment of the whole individual through the performance of physical exercises.

1. In order to cultivate the mind through studying kung fu students must have an open heart, an optimistic mood, respect teachers, love their friends and all humanity. This is the basis of kungfu as well as of being an honorable person.

2. In order to keep in shape through practising kung fu, students must study gradually and in line with natural principles: combine looseness and tightening, adopt rigidness and flexibility, integrate consciousness, breathing, and moving effectively to achieve discipline inside and out.

3. In order to master kung fu for self-defense, students must apply critical thinking, understand the principles of movements and master the skills. Ren Shi Gong Fu advocates teaching and coaching based on each individual's health and situation to maximize its benefits. In a word, a fighter should know him- or herself and the opponent, and be calm and stable. At the same time, Ren Family strongly believes that nonviolence should always be the first choice when attempting to resolve any conflict.


The Ren Shi kung fu is designed for combat. Through practising the traditional Shaolin and Taijiquan forms students learn a set of optimized combat movements. Those who wish to develop an actual fighting ability can also learn full contact sparring. By further training the simple, direct techniques and refining them against an actively resisting opponent, students are able develop practical martial abilities.

Each student will be expected to be self-motivated and capable of pushing themselves to do their best in each and every class. You determine your own level of involvement and rate of progress.

People of all ages, races, colors and creeds are welcome to join our family. Total beginners and experts from other martial arts backgrounds alike are encouraged to visit us and see what we are about. Our strength is our diversity. All are welcome to apply.