Ren fist

任氏翻车辘轳锤 (Ren Shi Fanche Lulu Chui - Ren family's fist)

任氏长双节棍 (长梢子棍) (Ren Shi Zhang Shuang Jie Gun (Zhang Shaozi Gun) - Ren family's Long 2-section Staff)

Fanche Lulu Chui, of which the Ren Fist is a derivative, belongs to the Shaolin Tanglang (Praying mantis) system. Its forms are well-organized in structure for attack & defense with strikes and defense movements that are plain & practical. The forms are focused and built around the Lulu Fist & Mandarin Ducks Feet of the traditional styles of Northern Chinese Gongfu. Fanche Lulu Chui is a highly sought after style by educated practitioners of the Chinese Martial Arts.

Fanche was created by Master Xu Sheng Xiao, a famous Shaolin disciple during the early Qing Dynasty. After leaving Shaolin, Master Xu first traveled to Shandong province. Because Master Xu liked the local rural way of life, he stayed in Zhang Ge Zhuang Village of Laixi City (the current location of the Ren Shi Gong Fu Academy) and passed his Xiaofanche fist to Master Ren Zhao Hua, who then integrated the Shaolin style with his traditional Shandong Mantis training and formed RenShi Xiaofanche.

Over the last several hundred years, RenShi Xiaofanche Gong Fu continued to be passed down from generation to generation and gradually, as the arts always do, it has been adapted over time to reflect modern realities of unarmed combat and competition.

Modern Ren Fist is a combat art, combining elements of Sanda, Xiaofanche, and traditional Shaolin styles.