新武术散打,传统武术散手 (Xin Wushu Sanda, Chuantong Wushu Sanshou - Contemporary Sanda and Traditional Sanshou)

Sanda is most easily described in English as chinese kickboxing. There are a few simple techniques of attack and defense that the practitioner develops over time. Sport Sanda competitions occur at the striking and clenching range. In competition strikes are limited to punches, kicks and takedowns. The action stops after a takedown occurs.

Sanda as taught at the Ren school adds techniques that are excluded from the sport style of the art. These include elbow and knee strikes, advanced clenching techniques and more effective takedowns.

Sanda has no rank or belts. The same techniques exist for beginners that do for experts. The only difference is the level of proficiency a student has achieved.

Masters Ren Qiang and Ren He have trained provincial Sanshou champions in both Henan and Shandong.