Training Parts

Training for beginner students provides the foundation for a strong body and mind. The aim of training is to create higher levels of strength, stamina, flexibility, co-ordination and speed while toughening the striking weapons of the body and areas that are potential targets for your opponent.

Stretching and warm-up: helps you develop muscle flexibility and prepare the body for the actual kung fu training.

Cardio training: Sanda (kick boxing) and other cardio drills and exercises help to develop stamina and a strong, determined mind.

Gong-fu (basic kungfu technique) and Taijiquan forms: Learning these forms is a relaxing, therapeutic way to improve flexibility, strength and stamina. These moving meditations can help to integrate the mind and the body through learning to coordinate the breath with mindful movements.

Forms: Learning kung fu forms listed in "Our kung fu" section. Kung fu forms are series of predetermined combat movements combined in such a way that they can be practiced as an uninterrupted sequence. Today, many consider forms to be one of the most important practices in Chinese martial arts.

Weapons training: Practising the use of weapons through learning weapons forms increases both co-ordination and focus. The focus and co-ordination required for example in the use of the whip chain or three sectioned staff can teach a person to quiet his mind and focus almost instantly.

Body conditioning: Learning how to harden the body against the punches and weapons at the likely attack points.

The below two elements of training are highly recommended for building up muscle strength and can be practised by students in their own time at the gym.

Calisthenics: Calisthenics are body weight exercises (push-ups, sit-ups, squats, etc) that increase muscle strength and endurance, and can increase speed and co-ordination by developing the core stabilizer muscles in your body that provide the precision the body needs to perform at it’s highest level.

Weight training: Weight training helps to develop the fast twitch muscles responsible for explosive strength. It can also help maintain and build lean mass given proper diet and rest patterns